Vlogger to Blogger

My first ever blogpost, well its not exactly my first ever one as I’ve had so many blogs in the past, but I’m using this one as a fresh start. Blogging has never been a strong point of mine, constantly comparing my writing styles to others and just not feeling confident about my writing. This where all that is going to change, I’ve decided I’m finally going to start posting about the things I love, hate & things just fancy a chat about really!

Recently, I’ve struggled with my creativity in vlogging; weekly vlogs were becoming repetitive, I had no inspiration of ‘sit down’ videos. So, I have re-entered the blogging world, don’t get me wrong I’ve always been apart of this community, especially on Twitter where most of my pals are bloggers.

I guess I should start with abit of an ‘About me’.

I’m Katey, 25 years old and I live in Manchester. I work as a Social Media Manager & Videographer for a Manchester PR Company, The Social PR. I love my job! I live with my  boyfriend & our two cats, Jango (named after Jango Fett, Star Wars/Django). Video editing is my favourite hobby(?) as well as my job so I feel really lucky about that.

I feel this post is a ramble so I will leave it here & hope you will look forward to my next post.



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