Body Confidence.

I’ve always been ‘the fat kid’, my mum and nan would always put it down to being ‘puppy fat’ so I always expected that one day I’d just wake up slim… it never happened. Here I am at the age of 25, 5ft6 and around a size 20 in clothes, still waiting for the puppy fat to drop off me. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve dieted, starved myself, stuck to a ‘healthy eating plan’ & spent hours in the gym; I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained weight.

Recently, I’ve started wondering if I’ll always be fat, does it all really matter. Should we live our lives constantly counting calories, comparing ourselves to others or should we just forget it, buy clothes we feel good in & get on with living our lives.

I’ve decided to start being proud of who I am, if I feel good, who cares what anyone else thinks. Body confidence is a long process to go through but hopefully I’ll get there eventually.

I recently created a video for my youtube channel (watch it here) which I am super proud of! Ways to style a maxi dress, there I am in all my size 20 glory, not giving a f*ck.

What do you think about body confidence? How do you feel about your body & how you look? I’d love to know! Either comment or send me a DM on Twitter!





7 Replies to “Body Confidence.”

  1. Girl you don’t need to be slim to be sexy and sassy and that you are!!! I put weight on and off all the time but I find myself wondering the same should we just live our lives and stop worrying? Constant battle with myself! You look amazing though and I loved your maxi dress video! Xox


  2. Don’t worry about your weight, you look gorgeous. I love that you’ve developed a fuck it attitude because that’s the right mindset to have. Great post x


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