Confidence Online.

Having confidence online is something that doesn’t happen overnight, it’s something that you have to develop & work on. From posting selfies on Instagram to vlogging your day to day life. It is difficult knowing that there are people that hardly know you, think they know you & people who know you really well, watching and reading everything you post.

For me, my confidence online developed when I started vlogging, I was in Uni and really enjoying it but I was apprehensive of what others might think. I mentioned it to a few uni friends who all started watching which was scary but they all had amazing feedback for me, don’t get me wrong, it took me a while to really come out of my shell with it but I’m so glad I did. I feel like it gave me a new type of confidence.

My YouTube channel was never a secret but I didn’t shout about it as much at first due to the anxiety around people I know watching my videos, weird but I’m sure many of you will agree with me.


The most important time where my online confidence was most important was when I went to a job interview for a Social Media Content Creator Internship, they asked me exactly what type of Social Media experience I had, I told them I used to run a Facebook and Twitter page for a company which they liked, but I felt like they had heard it all before. It was when I mentioned my YouTube channel that the interviewers became extremely interested, THEY LOVED IT! I was super happy & it boosted my confidence right away, it got to the point where one of the interviewers actually sat watching one of my videos whilst I was sat there (cringe!).

In the end, they offered me the role & I was the happiest I had been in a long time, it showed me exactly why I should be confident with my work; vlogging & blogging is a hobby but if the right people pick up on it, it can really take you far! I’m now in a role I LOVE and if it wasn’t for showing my passion for my YouTube channel, I definitely wouldn’t be in this position.

Post those selfies, talk about your day on Insta stories, blog about that beauty product, vlog your week! DO IT. There is literally nothing holding you back, you’ve got this.

What are your views on online confidence? Have you ever felt under-confident posting a certain blog, photo or video? I’d love to know!



7 Replies to “Confidence Online.”

  1. I loved reading this!!! Confidence online is such a weird thing I think its really easy for people to jump to comclusions about you and who you are so for me the confidence aspect is a constant struggle. I want to vlog but I’m way too worried about making a fool of myself and what people think to do it yet!!!


  2. Being a newbie blogger I totally lack confidence every time I hit the publish button. I’m about 20 posts in now but still get my friend to check it before I publish. I constantly worry people won’t like it, no-one will read etc and although people seem to be reading it’s nice just to get the occasional “I really enjoyed reading that” or “that was really good” comment xxx


  3. You’ve really hit it with this one! Love this post! I completely agree confidence online is so good but such a weird one, everyone in the world able to see and watch what you put on there for them to judge you without really knowing you but you do grow some thick skin because of it and like you, it bring many people great opportunities and we’re so proud to know you and watch what you do!

    Jessica & James |

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