5 ways to make a shitty day, better.

(*TW – anxiety)

We all have them, some more than others… shitty days! I was sat in the bath last week after a shitty day when this blog post came to me, so it’s definitely coming from experience. I suffer from anxiety, some days I feel I’ve conquered it & will never have anxiety sweeping over me ever again, and other days, it’s there; sat in the pit of my stomach making me question everything I’ve ever done.

Now this post isn’t a cure for bad days, just a few little tips that help me feel that little bit better, so here are a few things I do to try and help me through one of these days;

Take a hot bath.
Hot baths seem to cure a lot for me, I can spend hours lay in the bath thinking about my life (which is where this blog post came from!). Clean yourself, this may sound stupid but once you’ve cleaned your body with a nice scented body wash, it can make you feel that little bit better. If you feel like washing your hair, shaving your legs or just sitting there in the warm water, do that. Do the little things you know will make you feel that tiny bit better.

Wear clean pyjamas.
Feeling clean straight out of the bath into some nice fresh pj’s always gives me a nice feeling, even better when your pjs have been on the radiator warming whilst you were in the bath!

Fresh bedding.
This may not be the best thing but on this certain night for me, I felt getting into a clean bed would make me feel good, some days I know I just would not be bothered changing bed sheets ’cause really? Some days you just can’t be arsed!

Favourite Entertainment.
Once you’re out the bath, into clean cosy pjs, in bed… time to distract your mind from whatever it was that made you feel shitty! For me, it’s watching my favourite vloggers! I can sit in bed & zone out watching The Sacconejolys, Helen Anderson or Brogan Tate for some reason, seeing another persons life really puts my life into perspective, everyone has down days & often when they show themselves having a good day, it makes me feel good too! If not YouTube, I’ll be on Netflix trying to find a good TV show to watch.

Distract your mind.
Whether this is making a cup of tea before you get into bed to watch Netflix, painting your overly chipped fingernails or even doing something a little as a hug off a loved one. Do what feels good for you.

Trying to brighten a shitty day is difficult, but these little tips always seem to work for me. I really hope you can all take something from this post.

Katey x




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