My thoughts.

My home. My city. My comfort.

“No one should go to a concert and not come home”

My heart aches. I’m devastated. As I write this I can hear the birds singing, something those people who lost their lives may never get to hear again. I’ve never felt like this before. 8 years old. It hurts.
My head is in absolute bits right now, along with every other person around our beautiful city. As I sit here quietly, coffee in hand, scrolling through Facebook I realise there is so much more to life than small dramas, work stress, unhappiness. These people lost their lives for nothing. Nothing. It hurts so much.

12 years old, my first concert without a parent. McFly, my favourite band in the world. I cried, I screamed, I enjoyed every last minute of that concert. Concerts are a place of happiness, a place where you forget your worries. Concerts are a place to feel carefree. Why that concert. Why any concert. Why hurt those people. Those people. Their poor families. It hurts so much.

Ariana Grande. She was an idol to those young girls, to the guys, she was their daughters/sons favourite singer. They danced. They were happy. They didn’t deserve this. No one deserves this. Their poor families. I hate this.

Though this has happened, we come through with strength. The Manchester community will never be broken. The Manchester Spirit will never be broken. I am so proud to be Mancunian. Facebook videos of drunken Mancunian men chanting “Stick your I— up your A—“. Manchester United & Manchester City fans coming together as one. Our people queuing down the street to give blood to help. Our NHS staff. Our restaurants giving free food. Setting up gofundme accounts for the homeless that helped out during the attack. Goosebumps.

Now is a time to be positive, especially for those who lost their lives. They may not have had the chance to go home that night, but those women, men, girls & babies will ALWAYS be a part of Manchester. They will never be forgotten.

Manchester is a place of hurt right now, but it’s also a place of community, honour, courage & hope. 

I love Manchester.


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